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 What is skeeterpee you ask? Why its lemon wine of course. Oh did I mention it is around 13% ABV??? Yes sir! Think of a hard lemonade and then add better flavor and a whole lot of octane and you have Skeeterpee! The base of skeeter is table sugar, a lot of table sugar, lemon juice, like 96 ounces of lemon juice and wine yeast with a whole lot of little bits of wine tannin, yeast nutrient, yeast energizer, blah blah blah........Start to finish takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 weeks, maybe a week more, maybe a week less. Can be served carbonated or uncarbonated but just make sure you are serving it where no one has to drive home! 

With the base kit, you will get all of the yeast and other ingredients you need to make (1) 5 gallon batch of skeeterpee, along with detailed instructions. You will need to provide a carboy with stopper and airlock, a wine degasser, about 10 pounds of table sugar, and (3) 32 ounce bottles of lemon juice. 

This is an incredible hot day quencher!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Marcus F, 08/20/2018

Skeeter pee is a fun but rather dangerous drink on a hot day. Easy to drink and packs a punch. Very easy to brew, in about 3 weeks on average it will be ready to drink. I highly recommend everyone try this.

Reviewed by Will , 04/04/2017

Wife's first reaction was, "I could drink an awful lot of that!"

Reviewed by Len , 05/21/2014

8 1/2 of my friends and neighbors loved it. The half was "Good but only a few because of the sweet finish. Trust me, you only need a few. Will make this again and try adding more citrus to cut back on the sweet finish. Great starter for home brew newbies.

Reviewed by Steve D, 01/23/2013

I saw this online and found the recipe, however, it would cost more to buy the separate ingredients than to buy this kit, so I bought the kit. It's awesome!! They aren't kidding about the ABV either, it tastes great and will knock you on your butt. I've brewed several hundred gallons of beer, but none of them got the response that Skeeter Pee did when I served it to friends.

Reviewed by Michael W, 10/30/2012

If you're on the fence about this one, BUY IT! The skeeterpee is GREAT. I split my batch and did half plain, and half on strawberries. Both were great and crowd pleasers! I need to keep this one in constant supply.

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