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 These are for those of you local people that would like to take advantage of saving money by buying grains in bulk. We order 44 sacks of grain at a time and the order is placed when we get a full pallet. Pickup is here at the store. Bulk buys are coordinated via bulk emails letting you know that we are starting a bulk buy and when we have closed the bulk buy. If you order outside of that window, you will likely have to wait until the next buy is open. If you would like to get on the bulk buy email list, email me at jeremy@apexbrewwares.com and request to be added. Turnaround time from the day that I place the order till it is available for pickup is typically 1 week. 

****If you are not local, but would like to participate, you are welcome to but will be required to pay the full shipping charge via Fedex to your address. Email or call for a quote prior to ordering. ****

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